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How does it Work ?

Complete anonymous solution: Smartphone and data SIM Card with an included service of 6 or 12 months

Armoured Smartphone are for all those who need to keep data safe away from hackers, industrial espionage, viruses, attacks in general. They are oriented to anyone who needs privacy, a non-interactable device, protecting against common intrusions such as those widely spread on social media,web giants, ensuring the security and confidentiality of all your data.

At the same time they create groups of people, totally closed and secure, protected from any kind of cyber attack, interceptions, data theft, or extraction attempts due to theft or loss of the device.

Who is this for?

Who needs this device? Oil Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Investigation Companies, Security Agencies, Valuables Traders, Top Traders, VIPs, Politicians, Lawyers, Government Personnel, Businessman in general.

Anyone who needs confidentiality for corporate or private communications, mainly across multiple locations or in different countries.

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